Twilight Enduro

by vickie pullin

So 2 weeks until the first race of the season (super excited) 

I wasn’t sure I would make this one but after taking my stitches out on Wednesday the knee felt good and I felt ready to rock and roll…. 

Until I rocked up at the Forest of Dean and realised I was the only one on a hard tail bike, everyone else of full sus down hill bikes. Feeling a little nervous I had made some new friends and was off to the start. 3 stage enduro – at this point I still wasn’t that sure what I had signed up for: I soon found out – ride to the start (up hill!!!!) race down hill then repeat 3 times ….oh and it gets dark. 

Stage 1 – so that full sus I was wishing I had, well this was scary jumps, huge roots drops, you name it this course had it – I servived Bonus!!!! Finishing 6th on stage 1. I hesitated and rode steady – scared would be a word to use here.  

Stage 2 – maybe feeling a little like I wished I hadn’t entered lights on and down we went (after a huge ride to the start) Well this time not so bad still out of my comfort zone for sure but starting to find my rhythm and feel a little better, maybe because it was getting harder to see!

Stage 3 – pitch black around 10 miles cycled and it’s the home straight – wow loved it, so much fun coming in, rock garden board walk trees sharp corners you name it we had it but I was loving it and came in with the second fastest time on the last section BOOM!!! Chuffed to bits

Meet some great people, pushed myself, servived and hopefully always improving my bike skills!!!