BSSF World Cup Race 3&4

So we headed of to Wales for the next set of BSSF races which gives me World Cup points and points towards a British ranking bvo2gir.

We have been busy training the dogs more than humans over the last month (Christmas gains!!!) and have switched things up with the team doing some more weight training and upping the distance. The young dogs are really starting to grow into themselves now.

I ran Vax, Tova, Rio and Luka on the 4 dog class who blew my mind.  Absolutely perfect they were so epic and just too much fun to run. Bringing in both days the fastest times of the weekend.

The the French boys on the scooter …. wow how over the last few months these boys have build confiedence – they were the fastest Nordic breed scooter and 3rd over all in open. First day they dodged cars and the second day we had the gang line un clip but the dogs took everything in there stride. Love running these boys together. They get the best out of each other and you can watch that as they run.

Bike – my girl Luna, what a dog, not much more to say really. 2 smooth over takes on her behalf and a crash on my behalf … need to work on my skills!! She got us the second fastest times of the weekend behind the 4 dog.

This weekend it was 100% all my dogs. Just every time out they impress me more than last time when you don’t even think that’s possible. Thanks dogs for the best weekend, and everyone else who makes this possible best task manager. All my handlers and Russco for looking after the rest of the team at home.

BSSF World Cup Race 3&4