BSSF World Cup Race 5&6

by vickie pullin

Last big race of the winter for me and what a race to Finnish on….

Luna bike

Axel and apollo scooter

Luka, Vax, Tove and Rio 4 dog rig 

First out was the bike, with 3 clean over takes and an almost floorless run from Luna we took the lead after day one, with a time that beat all the guys too (buzzing) then next up was the 4 dog and what a blast we had clean run and sub 9 mins. Absolutely blown away by the team – fastest time of the weekend. Fantastic run from the kids. So after all the excitement my final run with the sibs nervous did not even come close – the boys have been improving all winter but still young and I just wasn’t sure how they would run on the grass trails (heavy going) well should have never doubted them…. just unbeleavable run with overtakes and no problems …. 1st place after day one. 

So day 2 we have to do it all again – my legs felt heavy in the morning warming up and ground was wet from some overnight showers – miKe stone pipped us by a few seconds today awesome race and we finished first over all. Then the 4 dog again another perfect run from the team holding the lead, awesome fun! Then to Finnish the boys…. well after been blown away after day one, they only went and ran even batter day 2 and was 10 seconds of the bronze hound team. Couldn’t beleave that – just keep getter better and better 

This weekend the dogs did everything we train hard for and it all paid off. I am privileged to own such amazing dogs and it’s such an honour to run them. Every time left speechless and so so thankful for great dogs 

Thanks for everyone who supported me this season and made all this happen