MTB XC British champs

by vickie pullin

So this weekend we headed up to Glasgow to really put my bike skills to the test… I was against the best in the country, Olympic and World Cup riders. 

The course was challenging, tecnical and long (6 laps 5.5k per lap). I was completely out of my comfort zone, watching people crash and leave in ambulances before I even practised the course was definately testing my head strength. 

First practise run – I could have gone home in tears!!! But then I asked myself why was I here (always wanting to race for gold, which clearly was not on the cards here) to learn and improve and get better on my bike to better me and my dogs so…. Second lap now time to ride… Such a better run, looking for my lines riding everything and not stopping at difficult sections where everyone gets nervous and wondering what to do, just instead head down and get as much practise in as possible. That was Saturday done for me! 

Sunday – race day!!!

Nervous, not even close to how I was feeling, thought I was going to be sick serveral times over the morning, and as for on the start line well I think I may have turned a shade of white or grey haha.. No time to think, the next thing I heard was go…. We’re off and within 10 meters I am happy to sit on the last wheel of the category (senior women) and that’s where I stayed last place. I just watched everything and tried to learn. Positions through corners, the best lines to take, feet positions etc watching the best in this country! 
The biggest thing I took home from this was the amount of work I still need to do on my fitness and nutrition – watch this space! 


by vickie pullin

Had an awesome day at Newport velodrome #teampullinpower 

Blown away with how much fun this was. A great day out for the team, learned lots and had a cheeky race to finish …. ! (Russ won, I was second and chaz took bronze!) 

500 m sprit 41 seconds