First Race of the season 2016/17

by vickie pullin

Racing not for competition with all the pups as we wanted some experience before heading out to Czech in a few weeks.
So first race for everyone and this is how it went:

Axel & Apollo, 2 dog Scooter – First 2 miles, awesome and the boys were fantastic, we got over taken by a 2 dog hound team but hung on there tail until I had a disagreement with a corner – hitting the ground hard, the boys looked at me…”what you doing mum” so I jumped up, caught my breath and we carried on, then less then half a mile from home, I made the call to stop and let the dogs have a paddle in the lake, I have never done this before in a race, but felt it was warm and the dogs would benefit more from the stop than trying to ask them to run home, we had a small splash and drink, chance for us all to get our breath and then the sprint home. Super proud of my boys for there first outing, they we perfect. We have some things to work on, which is great like turning on wet grass, that maybe more for me and less for the dogs! The time for the boys even with a paddle in the lake was a great effort and I can not tell you enough how excited I am for the future of these boys. My “A” Team!

I decided not to run these guys Sunday as warmer and although they did shorten the course, these sibs give me everything they have and with that extra coat on, running was not needed! We had play time instead!
Luka -Sat: 1 dog scooter, my boy did great, I stayed on 2 feet, we ran a great course, this boy needs a little more experience on his own but think the guys usually take a little longer than the ladies (sorry boys!) to develop. He is so focused on me and listening to what I want, I really am starting to trust him and love the relationship we are building up whist working, just brings you so much closer to the dogs, and getting inside there heads, its awesome. He is awesome.

Sun: 1 dog Bike, I ran the bike the next day to help lighten the load with the warmer weather, we were a little off his sister but watching the videos back, I know where we can get that time back (corners and directions) but again this will come over time, super chuffed with Luka, building his confidence everyday and always getting stronger.
Luna, 1 Dog Bike, After seeing the amount of wildlife from my first leg and the fact I had raced the course twice already on the scooter, I was apprehensive as to how this would go – should never have doubted it, Luna was awesome, everything we are training for, she listened she ran well, sure there were mistakes (not to name names: ME!!!) falling off the new bike which by the way was EPIC!!!!!! (huge thanks to KROSS UK) but even with a fall we still nailed the fastest time of the day – Exciting times ahead, also with me a little more on the brakes day 2, same again we got the fastest time of the day and this time amazingly stayed on 2 wheels, admittedly only just but we hung in there! (it was really wet grass on reverse cambers)
So to sum up, could not be happier with the teams first efforts, I know what we need to go and work on, where training has worked and what to build on, but most of all, had a fantastic weekend running my dogs!
Chaz ran her first race for Pullin Power this weekend and what a start to her racing career, sat, small set back of kissing the ground – and then losing and braking the back wheel so small walk home for her and Vax. Buzzing from everything up to that point Sunday could only go one way – she smashed it and got the fastest female bike time of the day (apart from me) so proud of these ladies, they made a great team, Vax was awesome and all the hard work Chaz has put into this summer is paying off. Great job team.
Russ – the man holding everything together at home, or should I say, the team at home all looked after Russ for the weekend!!! Either way blasts out in the field, chill time and time just been dogs was super nice for the team at home, lots of cuddles and play! What more could a dog want! Thanks Russ, great job buddy.

Huge thanks to all my friends that helped handle and all my sponsors who make it possible for me and my team to even get to these races.
Kross the new bike is unreal, and everyone needs this in there life and Zero DC the new harness’s are fantastic, dogs looked epic, but more importantly ran awesome in them, with no problems and a great fit, super light weight and fast sprint harness!

K9 Trail time thanks for hooking me up with some toys for the team to play with in the day, they loved them, so massive hit there, thank you!

Kross UK

Today was the day…. My new Kross bike has arrived and just in time for the first race of the season. 

Massive thanks to Kross UK for there support and helping build this epic bike for me and my dogs. Super excited to ride Christmas has come early. Great bikes (The best!) . Fantastic value for money. Can not recommend enough, real privilege to be working with these guys. Thank you Kross uk

Twilight Enduro

by vickie pullin

So 2 weeks until the first race of the season (super excited) 

I wasn’t sure I would make this one but after taking my stitches out on Wednesday the knee felt good and I felt ready to rock and roll…. 

Until I rocked up at the Forest of Dean and realised I was the only one on a hard tail bike, everyone else of full sus down hill bikes. Feeling a little nervous I had made some new friends and was off to the start. 3 stage enduro – at this point I still wasn’t that sure what I had signed up for: I soon found out – ride to the start (up hill!!!!) race down hill then repeat 3 times ….oh and it gets dark. 

Stage 1 – so that full sus I was wishing I had, well this was scary jumps, huge roots drops, you name it this course had it – I servived Bonus!!!! Finishing 6th on stage 1. I hesitated and rode steady – scared would be a word to use here.  

Stage 2 – maybe feeling a little like I wished I hadn’t entered lights on and down we went (after a huge ride to the start) Well this time not so bad still out of my comfort zone for sure but starting to find my rhythm and feel a little better, maybe because it was getting harder to see!

Stage 3 – pitch black around 10 miles cycled and it’s the home straight – wow loved it, so much fun coming in, rock garden board walk trees sharp corners you name it we had it but I was loving it and came in with the second fastest time on the last section BOOM!!! Chuffed to bits

Meet some great people, pushed myself, servived and hopefully always improving my bike skills!!!