Twilight Enduro

by vickie pullin

So 2 weeks until the first race of the season (super excited) 

I wasn’t sure I would make this one but after taking my stitches out on Wednesday the knee felt good and I felt ready to rock and roll…. 

Until I rocked up at the Forest of Dean and realised I was the only one on a hard tail bike, everyone else of full sus down hill bikes. Feeling a little nervous I had made some new friends and was off to the start. 3 stage enduro – at this point I still wasn’t that sure what I had signed up for: I soon found out – ride to the start (up hill!!!!) race down hill then repeat 3 times ….oh and it gets dark. 

Stage 1 – so that full sus I was wishing I had, well this was scary jumps, huge roots drops, you name it this course had it – I servived Bonus!!!! Finishing 6th on stage 1. I hesitated and rode steady – scared would be a word to use here.  

Stage 2 – maybe feeling a little like I wished I hadn’t entered lights on and down we went (after a huge ride to the start) Well this time not so bad still out of my comfort zone for sure but starting to find my rhythm and feel a little better, maybe because it was getting harder to see!

Stage 3 – pitch black around 10 miles cycled and it’s the home straight – wow loved it, so much fun coming in, rock garden board walk trees sharp corners you name it we had it but I was loving it and came in with the second fastest time on the last section BOOM!!! Chuffed to bits

Meet some great people, pushed myself, servived and hopefully always improving my bike skills!!! 

Torq in your sleep

12 hr race – team of 4 people: sounds like fun!!

So me and Russ head down towards London to meet up with Mark and Jane to take part in this crazy Mtb race. I went first in the mass start and was chuffed with my time .. Passing the band onto Russ followed by Jane then Mark – 4th place ….. Well there’s only one way from here, we all wanted to hit the podium so game on – well so I thought. 2 miles into my second 8 mile lap I had a disagreement with a tree root and came off, not looking to much at my knee I got back on as fast as I could to pass over to Russ. Whilst he was out on lap 2 I jumped in a ambulance well more like Jane helped me into an amberlance when I then realised my race was over and I had a rather large whole in my knee. Gutted and frustrated does not even come close – game over for me, and 6 hours later 6 stitches from A&E. Well we alsmot completed 12 hours the only problem was 4 on the trail and 6 in hospital. So feeling a little frustrated. A few rest days ahead then back on it – I did check today I can still peddle 😉 


So today Pullin Power participated in Tewkesbury Sprint Trithlon for some extra training – epic day with huge support and great results. 

Russ and me entered the race, Russ finnished with 1:42 and myself 1:45 so chuffed to be 1 min of Russ in the bike section – got all the motivation and drive I needed from the race to help me continue training hard before septs first race. Getting super excited now – not long!!! Trying my best to up the sessions to twice a week: train, fuel, rest – repeat!! Feeling super motervated 😝
Thanks to everyone who came along and support us today. Means so much to us so huge thanks X 

Team GB 2016

by vickie pullin

So great news for team…..

IFSS Thetford Nov 2016 European Championships

BSSF have announced the GB Team:

1 dog bike – open Vickie Pullin

1 dog bike – Nordic Vickie Pullin

2 dog scooter – open Vickie Pullin

4 dog rig – open reserve Vickie Pullin

1 dog scooter – open reserve Russel Penwell

Could not be more proud of my dogs for helping get us selected for the team and doing such an awesome job last year. It’s a real honour to race for the team and getting really excited now for winter …. Not long until the first race 🇬🇧

Junior Camp

by vickie pullin

What a week and where to start….. Amazing bunch of kids, lack of sleep too much sugar most of all lots of fun!!!!
Training dogs everyday with Tug (the best dog man I know) Huge thanks to Tug!
Running dogs almost everyday (unless too warm) from canicross, bikejoring, scootering and Rig teams. So impressed with the standard from the kids absolutely awesome job!!
Then there was kayaking, SUP, windsurfing and banana boating on the water – one women down in windsurfing but she’s ok (though cookie right Charlotte)
Flag game – well this didn’t get competitive much: next year I think we may involve chess or something like!!!
Dog power movie made its first showing in the UK – inspiring all the youngsters, fantastic movie, and gave me goose bumps
To Finnish the week of we cooked a feast of a bbq – and watched the sun set over the lake with one last game of capture the flag!!! Now I need a lot of sleep!!! Love it.

MTB XC British champs

by vickie pullin

So this weekend we headed up to Glasgow to really put my bike skills to the test… I was against the best in the country, Olympic and World Cup riders. 

The course was challenging, tecnical and long (6 laps 5.5k per lap). I was completely out of my comfort zone, watching people crash and leave in ambulances before I even practised the course was definately testing my head strength. 

First practise run – I could have gone home in tears!!! But then I asked myself why was I here (always wanting to race for gold, which clearly was not on the cards here) to learn and improve and get better on my bike to better me and my dogs so…. Second lap now time to ride… Such a better run, looking for my lines riding everything and not stopping at difficult sections where everyone gets nervous and wondering what to do, just instead head down and get as much practise in as possible. That was Saturday done for me! 

Sunday – race day!!!

Nervous, not even close to how I was feeling, thought I was going to be sick serveral times over the morning, and as for on the start line well I think I may have turned a shade of white or grey haha.. No time to think, the next thing I heard was go…. We’re off and within 10 meters I am happy to sit on the last wheel of the category (senior women) and that’s where I stayed last place. I just watched everything and tried to learn. Positions through corners, the best lines to take, feet positions etc watching the best in this country! 
The biggest thing I took home from this was the amount of work I still need to do on my fitness and nutrition – watch this space! 


by vickie pullin

Had an awesome day at Newport velodrome #teampullinpower 

Blown away with how much fun this was. A great day out for the team, learned lots and had a cheeky race to finish …. ! (Russ won, I was second and chaz took bronze!) 

500 m sprit 41 seconds