Race Prep:

by vickie pullin

So finally into race season after a busy summer …

Next week we head to Czech Republic for the ECF – European Canicross Federation Championships where I will bike Luna, scoot Luka and chaz will bike with Vax.

We have trained hills human and dogs, we have modified kit and done everything we feel we could have to prep for this race… Now for the super fun part race day!!! Long journey across Europe first leaving Monday and racing next weekend – watch this space!!!

Kross UK

Today was the day…. My new Kross bike has arrived and just in time for the first race of the season. 

Massive thanks to Kross UK for there support and helping build this epic bike for me and my dogs. Super excited to ride Christmas has come early. Great bikes (The best!) . Fantastic value for money. Can not recommend enough, real privilege to be working with these guys. Thank you Kross uk