Junior Camp

by vickie pullin

What a week and where to start….. Amazing bunch of kids, lack of sleep too much sugar most of all lots of fun!!!!
Training dogs everyday with Tug (the best dog man I know) Huge thanks to Tug!
Running dogs almost everyday (unless too warm) from canicross, bikejoring, scootering and Rig teams. So impressed with the standard from the kids absolutely awesome job!!
Then there was kayaking, SUP, windsurfing and banana boating on the water – one women down in windsurfing but she’s ok (though cookie right Charlotte)
Flag game – well this didn’t get competitive much: next year I think we may involve chess or something like!!!
Dog power movie made its first showing in the UK – inspiring all the youngsters, fantastic movie, and gave me goose bumps
To Finnish the week of we cooked a feast of a bbq – and watched the sun set over the lake with one last game of capture the flag!!! Now I need a lot of sleep!!! Love it.