BSSF World Cup Race

by vickie pullin

My dogs rock my world – Yukon came out with me on the bike and we took home the gold, she’s such an amazing girl 😍. Then for the first time ever I ran some pups on the 4 dog. My oldest dog was Tova (not even 2 yet) Rio had her first race and then Luka & Luna’s 2nd race…… So day one Luka decided he wanted to have sex with tova half way round (this didn’t happen) but his timing was awesome at the top of a hill, so after trying to de tangle 4 hounds I then got taken on my ass all the way down the hill where we had to sort ourselves out again….. But we did it and training payed off, and we carried on to Finnish in 3rd. Then the next day I changed Tova to front and Luka at the back ……. This was a good plan, dogs were so so awesome a few things to work on as expected but I could not have been happier and to put the icing on it all they got the fastest time on the 5k route of the weekend. Just love your dogs train hard play hard and have fun …… I have too much love for all my dogs #pullinpower #zerodc #krossuk #gym&tonic