Torq in your sleep

12 hr race – team of 4 people: sounds like fun!!

So me and Russ head down towards London to meet up with Mark and Jane to take part in this crazy Mtb race. I went first in the mass start and was chuffed with my time .. Passing the band onto Russ followed by Jane then Mark – 4th place ….. Well there’s only one way from here, we all wanted to hit the podium so game on – well so I thought. 2 miles into my second 8 mile lap I had a disagreement with a tree root and came off, not looking to much at my knee I got back on as fast as I could to pass over to Russ. Whilst he was out on lap 2 I jumped in a ambulance well more like Jane helped me into an amberlance when I then realised my race was over and I had a rather large whole in my knee. Gutted and frustrated does not even come close – game over for me, and 6 hours later 6 stitches from A&E. Well we alsmot completed 12 hours the only problem was 4 on the trail and 6 in hospital. So feeling a little frustrated. A few rest days ahead then back on it – I did check today I can still peddle 😉